Young Koalas are Better Chewers as Compared to Mature and Elderly Koalas

Young Koalas are excellent food chewers. They chewing and digesting ability is far better than even the mature Koalas, the Dominant Koalas and the elderly Koalas. But the question remains why is this that even the mature and the dominant Koalas who are at their prime, are unable to chew and digest the food properly as compared to the young ones? The same is true about the elderly Koalas as well who might, would have passed their prime of physical strength and territory domination. Such Koalas during that age and time interval of their lives, fail to digest food properly and on many occasions die because of poor digestion and lower energy calories.

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A Koala Chewing Eucalyptus Leaves.
Picture of a Koala Chewing Eucalyptus Leaves. Young Koalas have the ability to chew better than the elderly koalas. This picture belongs to 

The core reason behind the better chewing of the younger Koalas as compared to the elderly Koalas is their ability to possess the stronger teeth. Since these teeth are new and sharp, therefore, they are in the exquisite and exceptional shape to not only grind and chew the food but also digest them with proper order and in accordance with the body requirements. But this grinding and grinding leaves Koalas to become the victim of the tooth decay along with the presence of the poisonous food elements which Koalas always prefer to eat i.e., Eucalyptus leaves.

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Young Koalas' Chewing Ability is better.
Young Koalas are better chewers because their tooth are strong and they haven't gone through a greater process of tooth grinding plus food consumption. This picture belongs to 

Therefore, as the Koalas’ age and become older, even though physically strong, their tooth decay consistently developed. This tooth decay is more common within the upper teeth of the Koalas as compared to the lower teeth. But at the end, when reaching the last quarter of their life, Koalas chewing ability decline. They swallow leaves that are not well chewed, the cells fail to absorb nutrition i.e., very few nutritional elements are already present within the Eucalyptus leaves. Moreover, the fermentation process also fails to extract any nutrition for the Koalas when the food reaches the larger intestine.

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Elderly Koalas' Chewing ability lacks stability.
The Chewing Ability of Elderly Koalas lack stability because they go through tooth decay with the continuous grinding. This Picture belongs to 

Therefore, not only the Young Koalas are better chewers, they are also better nutrition absorbers from the Eucalyptus leaves as compared to the mature, dominant and elderly Koalas.

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Koalas' chewing increases nutrition absorption.
A better chewing among the Koalas is also related with the better nutrition absorption. Therefore, younger Koalas also absorb good nutrition because of better chewing process. This picture belongs to