Koalas and Fluffy ears

Koalas have highly fluffy ears when being touched or even with the look and feel of the ears of the Koalas as well. Moreover, these fluffy ears are very soft to touch and they always give a fascinating look whenever, being watched. A further apex within the ears of the Koalas comes with the roundedness of these ears. This roundedness typically relates Koalas’ ears with teddy bear and this combination of the fluffiness, roundedness and cuteness gives them a more dominant preference as compared to the teddy bears. Most importantly, the ears of the koalas are fluffy because of the thick fur that is all the time surrounded around their ears.

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Koalas ears are fluffy from back
A Picture showing the fluffy ears of a Koala from its back side. From every angle you see the Koala's ears, you will always find them highly fluffy indeed. This Picture Belongs to  

It is probably this reason that Koalas look more cute and cuddly because of their fluffy ears. However, there are other physical traits of the Koalas other than ears that also make them highly dominant creatures with ultimate cuteness. But the fluffy ears of the Koalas are always the dominant portion of their attractiveness and fascination among the individuals.

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Koalas ears are fluffy from front
A front end view of the Koalas' fluffy ears. Koalas ear carry a lot of fur around their ears from every angle. This picture is displayed with the permission of its owner  

When the young baby koalas are born which are called as Joeys, their ears are developed at that time as well. A young baby Koala is less than 1 inch in length, but even at that time, the young baby koala has very small ears. At the time of the birth, these ears have no hair and no fur. Therefore, they are not fluffy at all at that time. Hair usually grow up around 3 to 4 months and at 6 months, a baby koala has beautifully looking fluffy ears. Ears continue to become fluffier, till their maturity level and remain like that throughout their life-span further onwards.

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A Side View of Koalas' ears.
A Side View Depicting and Representing Koalas' Fluffy Ears. This Picture Belongs to  

Male Koalas have much bigger ears as compared to the female Koalas. However, from the naked eye this difference might not be possible to observe. But it is safe to say that at the same age, a male koala has relatively bigger and fluffier ears as compared to the female Koalas. Female Koalas have small ears but they are equally fluffier, there is no question about this. Another reason is that the male Koalas’ ears are more dominant because of their huge size, while the females being smaller in sizes as compared to the male Koalas always have smaller ears to show. Therefore, male Koalas have more fur around the ears as compared to the female Koalas.

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A Downward View of the Koalas' Ears.
Koalas' fluffy ears can easily be spotted. This Picture Represents A Downward View of Koalas' Fluffy Ears. This Picture belongs to  

It is also important to note that even though all Koalas have fluffy ears, the young and baby Koalas have fluffier ears as compared to the adult koalas or old koalas. The ears of the baby Koalas are softer to touch and are therefore, more smoother. This further makes the baby Koalas as one of the cutest creature on the planet.

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An Aerial View of the Koalas' Ears
An Aerial View of the Koalas' Fluffy Ears. Koalas Ears are Fluffy from all aspects. Special Thanks to