Size Variations among Koalas

Koalas possess a relative and reasonable variation among their sizes. This size variation can specifically be measured by analyzing the weights of the Koalas. In fact the size variation is specifically established by measuring their weight differences. Other factor can be the measurement of the length of the hands, belly, height from head to toe etc. But these factors have been hardly put into the practice when measuring the variance of the Koalas. Therefore, measuring the weights of the Koalas was one specific technique to establish their variances from one another. The weight difference among the Koalas, that indicates their sizes is also not that much, because there might be an average of 2 Kilogram or 3 Kilogram variance or difference among the weights.

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Koalas have different sizes
Koalas have different size variations and therefore, there are different sizes of the koalas. In this picture you can see two koalas that also have variation in terms of their sizes. This Picture belongs to 

The Koalas from the Queensland area of Australia weigh around 10 Kilograms, whereas; the Koalas from the Victorian territory of Australia weigh around on average 14 Kilograms. 4 Kilogram difference is not much, but for smaller animals like Koalas, they might well matter as well. Therefore, the size variance is present among the Koalas, and this variance also varies the size of their heads, limbs, chest and legs as well for the Koalas.

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Koalas from Queensland are smaller in terms their size and weights.
A Koala from Queensland is usually smaller in terms of its weight and size as compared to its neighborhood Koalas from the Victorian Territory. This picture belongs to 

There can be variety of factors that may lead to the size variation among the Koalas. Genetics can be one such reason, but since all Koalas have same origin, their genetics might, would have changed over a time of millions of years. The Koalas which have heavier weights live in the areas that have more leaves and plantation as compared to the Koalas that live in the environment that has fewer leaves and nutrition. Therefore, the availability of the food resource is one of the core factors which specifically led Koalas to vary their shape and sizes. Moreover, this shape and size is varied and chiefly dependent on the geographic attributes with the availability of the nutrition. But this still does not mean that a Koala which will be well fed might get the same size of the bigger Koala, because over the years the Koalas from both territories have evolved their immune system and has adjusted to the local habitat.

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Victorian Koalas are huge in terms of their sizes.
Victorian Koalas are generally bigger in size as compared to the Queensland Koalas. In the picture you can specifically see that the Koala from Australia's Victorian territory are usually huge in size. This Picture specifically belongs to 

It is not strange that Koalas vary their shapes and sizes. Many other animals also vary their shape and sizes belonging to the same classification. For example tigers, they also vary in terms of their shape and sizes and so does Koalas as well. Therefore, it is not a strange phenomenon that is occurring among the Koalas that they are geographically changing their sizes. But one important thing to be noted is that Koalas since Koalas live very near to one another, it is very strange that this small distance of fewer hundred miles have prompted Koalas to show variance among their sizes.

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Koalas sizes vary geographically
Koalas' Sizes vary Geographically. Genetics is a core factor but the availability of the food resources is also one of the fundamental factors as well. This Picture belongs to