Koalas and their Specialized Claws

Koalas’ claws are so much specialized that they specifically fit the climbing requirements. Whether koalas have to stay on the trees, reaching the height of the trees, climbing against the branches, in all these cases; Koalas’ claws are fit enough to help them do whatever they want to do on eucalyptus trees. Therefore, Koalas' claws are highly versatile that always fulfill their body requirements.

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Koalas' claws are versatile.
Koalas have highly versatile claws that help them to do a lot of things e.g., climbing, gripping, walking and eating etc. This picture specifically belongs to 

Moreover, these claws also possess strong nails as well. These nails hold the trees’ woods and their branches very firmly. A Koala’s grip is very firm on the tree branches, and it is all because of their claws along with the combination of the strong nails attached to these claws. Koalas’ claws are so much strong that Koalas can easily put markings on the trees’ areas where these Koalas grip the trees.

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Koalas have sharp claws.
Koalas' Claws have very sharp nails as well. They are so much sharp, that a koala can easily make its mark against the wooden surface. This picture belongs to 

These sharp claws are good enough for the Koalas to quickly shift the trees. These claws also help the koalas against any ground predators as well. Dingoes are very active and they are very quick, Koalas have to quickly switch the trees if they have to, or otherwise they will be a very easy meal for the dingoes. Their claws really help them at these scenarios, as once they grip the tree; they just keep on rolling towards its top but steadily. However, Koalas are little bit slower in climbing towards the tree when compared with monkeys.

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Koalas' claws are defensive weapons.
Koalas' claws serve as a real source of defense for the Koalas. This picture belongs to