A Baby Koala Joey Lives in her Mother's Pouch for 9 to 10 Months

The baby Koala Joeys live and stay within her mother’s pouch for almost normally around 9 to 10 months. This makes almost 3 quarters of the year. The Koala Joeys are not born within the pouch but rather they make their journey to the pouch after their birth. It is highly amazing that being so small, they can still make a journey at the time of their birth straight inside the pouch of their mothers.

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A Koala Joey inside her mother's pouch.
A Koala Joey Lives inside her mother's pound for almost 10 months. After this the Koala Joey leaves its mother's pouch and lives on its own.  

Koala Joeys live within their mothers' pouches throughout their early life period. Around 6 months they slightly come out of their mother’s pouch to explore things that are present within the environment. Koalas’ mothers’ pouch offer their baby joeys, the ultimate warmth and best protection against any life threatening situation including severe weathers and predator attacks etc.

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A Koala Joey Outside its mother's Pouch.
For a small period of time, the young koala joeys do come out of their mother's pouches to explore the environment around them.  

When Koala babies stay within the pouch of their mothers, they also get their mother’s milk from the pouch as well. Therefore, apart from protection, the Koalas’ mothers pouch also offers them the great degree of milk nourishment which will always be essential for the growth and strength for the baby Koalas. This makes the Koala mothers' pouch for their baby Koala Joeys as a complete health package.

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Koalas Pouch Protects Koala Joeys.
Mother Koalas' Pouch is chiefly responsible for protecting Koala Joeys against Aerial Predators, Weather extremities etc.