Koalas Love Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves as their Food

Koalas usually prefer fresh Eucalyptus leaves than the older leaves. In fact majority of the herbivore animals prefer fresh leaves as compared to the older ones. The reason is very simple, they are good to taste, they are easy to digest, and they are good in nutritional values. On the other hand older leaves are not good in nutritional values and may also contain diseases as well. The same phenomenon is true about Koalas as well. They prefer fresh leaves; because fresh Eucalyptus leaves are carry very good levels of nutrition. The fresh leaves allow the koalas to easily chew and also digest them easily as well.

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Koalas prefer fresh Eucalyptus leaves.
Koalas usually prefer fresh Eucalyptus leaves. This picture belongs to 

Koalas’ water requirements are very high. In order to fulfill water requirements, Koalas do not go to the water ponds to drink water. They have to eat as much eucalyptus leaves as possible to fulfill their water needs. Since fresh Eucalyptus leaves carry more water concentration in them, therefore, this is the basic reason that Koalas prefer fresh leaves, because it allows them to extract maximum water to maintain their body temperature and water levels within their bodies. According to the findings of one study, Koalas do no prefer leaves which have water levels below than 55%. However, this preference change a little bit higher and lower, during the summers and winter seasons respectively as well.

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Fresh Leaves offer water source for Koalas.
Fresh Leaves are also abundant in terms of their Water Contents. Therefore, they serve as the only source of water for the Koalas, as Koalas do not drink water. This picture belongs to 

Fresh leaves contain far more nutritional values as compared to the older leaves. Since Eucalyptus leaves offer very little nutrition, therefore, the more fresh they are, the best they are to be consumed from the nutritional perspective. Moreover, for Koalas fresh Eucalyptus leaves provide them maximum nutrition and best digestion and it is ultimately always is the top preference for the Koalas.

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Koalas gain better nutrition through fresh leaves.
Fresh Leaves also offer a huge amount of Nutrition for the Koalas as well. Since Koalas only eat Eucalyptus leaves, therefore, every time they have to eat, they have to eat the fresh leaves to have maximum nutrition intake. This picture belongs to