Lactating Female Koalas Consume More Food as Compared to the Normal Female Koalas

Lactating female Koalas however, have to eat more as compared to the normal female Koalas. Female Koalas are usually smaller than the male Koalas; therefore, they do not consume that much amount of food (Eucalyptus Leaves). However, during the lactation period, which is considerably long for the female Koalas, they have to eat and consume a huge amount of Eucalyptus leaves. One estimate indicates that the lactating female Koalas consume about 35% more Eucalyptus leaves as compared to the normal female Koalas. Therefore, it is specifically proven that size is not the only core pre-requisite within the Koalas food consumption but rather lactation period within the females can also prompt the female Koalas to eat almost equivalent food to the bigger male Koalas and on some account more food consumption than the male Koalas.

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Lactating Female Koala.
Picture of a Lactating female Koala. Lactating female Koalas consume more food than the normal female Koalas. This picture belongs to 

Any lactating female will always have to ensure the supply of milk for their young ones, therefore, in such a case that lactating female will always prefer healthy eating with greater consumption levels. The same is true about the lactating female Koalas as well. They will have to ensure their milk supply for the young koalas, and therefore, it is very important for them to eat more eucalyptus leaves to extract maximum nutrition and calories from the food which they eat. This process continues for more than 1 year for a female Koala, therefore, the lactating female Koalas continue their fashion for a longer period of time.

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Food Consumption of Female Koalas.
Normal Female Koalas' food Consumption remains normal during the normal days. However, Lactating female Koalas have to consume more food. This picture belongs to 

Another key reason can be the attention as well. Lactating female Koalas have to give a great degree of attention to their young ones. More attention means less sleep and more energy levels. Therefore, they will have to ensure their energy levels by eating more leaves of Eucalyptus trees. This helps them to be active, relatively stronger and successful in taking care of their ones.

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lactating female Koalas eat more food.
Lactating Female Koalas not only have to maintain their normal lifestyle, but also have to give a specific attention for the young koala joeys. This picture belongs to