Aggressive Behavior of Mother Koalas towards their Joeys

Whenever, a Koala Joey reaches the age of 9 months, they have to leave their mothers and onwards, their mothers do become very aggressive towards them, so that the young Koala Joeys make a good life of their own. It is very common within the nature that animals after sometimes abandon their kids and let them to live on their own and do not meet again once they are gone. Therefore, family pact within the Koalas is just a short term process and the same is true about many other animals as well. Mothers do become aggressive towards youngsters, whenever, the youngsters grow up and they have to make a living on their own.

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Koala Joey's Mother left after 9 months.
A Koala Joey's Mother leaves it when, the Koala Joey reaches the age of 9 months. This Picture belongs to 

However, by nature Koala mothers are very humble and loving mothers for the young Koala Joeys. They feed them properly, and care them maximum, to grow young Joeys. Even they play with their kids as well when they are about 4 to 6 months old, which also shows a very delicate interaction in between the mother Koala and the Koala Joeys.

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Koala Joeys' caring and loving mothers.
Usually the mother Koala Joeys are very caring and loving. They always care their Joeys. But since the Koalas are solitary animals, therefore, the mother Koalas have to abandon their Joeys. This Picture also belongs to 

Finally, since Koalas do not live as family, they have to leave their mothers. Koalas like many animals in nature live a solitary life. Solitary animals have to live a lonely life and have to meet their mate for a few weeks during the mating season. The same phenomenon becomes valid for the koalas as well. Usually because of their solitary nature, they just select a particular territory of trees (mostly one tree) and make a living on the Eucalyptus leaves.

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Koalas mother Abandon their Joeys.
Since Koalas are solitary animals, therefore, their mothers have to abandon them one day. This Picture belongs to