Koalas and their Dominant Nose

Koalas' nose is highly dominant on their faces. Nothing is more visible on the face of the Koala than its own nose. In fact the nose of the koala serves as a quickest distinction for the Koala to make it more comparable with any other animal. This distinction is specifically true for the animals that resemble just like Koalas e.g., sloth etc. A survey of the individuals who were shown Koalas on the Facebook, specifically gave the feedback that the nose was the obvious and the very first thing they witnessed on the face of the Koala. Almost more than 80% individuals had such an opinion.

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Koalas' nose is vividly visible.
A Koala's nose is vividly visible by the first sight. This Picture Belongs to  

However, the best thing about this dominant nose of the Koala is that people tend to like them and never show any discomfort about it. In fact many people find their nose as one of the cutest physical feature being present on their face. A small international survey about Koalas’ nose specifically prom pt the individuals to answer that it was highly cute. More than 90% individuals showed their respect and likes for the nose while only 2% individuals showed an extreme negative view-point. Therefore, the nose of the Koala is highly admirable by the viewers and individuals watching the Koalas.

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Koalas have relatively dominant nose.
A dominantly dark nose of the Koala is easily visible, whenever the Koala is quickly in sight. This picture Belongs to 

Koalas have black nose. In fact sometimes, some Koalas have brownish nose as well. But in all the cases the noses of the Koalas are either black or very much dark in color. On the first impression of the eye, it always gives a black color, however, a careful review of the nose will reveal that the nose is not entire black but black enough for a normal reasonable person to classify it as black. Usually the skin of the nose nostrils of the Koala and inside nose skin is lighter in color and mostly gives a light pinkish or whitish impression.

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A Koala's nose is visibly very dark and black
Some experts also believe that Koalas 

Finally, it will be very interesting to evaluate the shape resemblance of the Koalas. Many people argued that Koalas nose is like a spoon-shaped. To a certain extent they were right as well. But Spoons are elongated and in no way, Koalas’ noses are elongated, but they are shorter, fatter and thicker. There is one animal whom which Koalas nose specifically relates with and that animal is Tapir, however, Tapir has elongated and perfectly spoon-shaped nose. However, on the safer side, it will never be wrong to consider Koalas’ nose as having a perfect resemblance with the trunk shaped. Not like elephant’s trunk but a small trunk which is moveable and helps the animal’s sniffing ability which also serves for its basic needs too.

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A Koala nose has Spoon-shaped attributes.
According to Some researchers, the Koalas' nose is specifically identical to spoon-shaped look and rightly so, as Koalas' nose pretty much do look like spoon. This Picture Belongs to 

Koalas are also very good sniffer, maybe which would be one of the core reasons that their noses have been transformed into the spoon shaped fat trunk. It would have evolved as a perfect sniffing mechanism for Koalas to maintain their survival.

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Picture of a Koala sitting and resting over a tree. If we look at the nose of this Koala, it specifically resembles like a small trunk that moves in all directions. Therefore, Koalas' nose also have a resemblance of trunk-shaped look. This Picture belongs to