When Does a Mother Koala Says Goodbye and Leaves the Young Koala Joey?

Mother Koalas leave and say a final goodbye to the young Koala joeys as soon as they reach the age of around 8 to 10 months. This is the key time, when their lifestyle as being solitary initiates. After this time, it is very rare that the mother and their child meet again in their life. The young koala Joey tries its best to find its mother, but fails to do so. However, things do become well-settled later on and it learns to live without its mother. Koalas are solitary animals; therefore, it is very natural for their mothers to leave their young ones after a specific time period.

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Mother Koala leaves baby Koala Joey.
Koala Mother Leaves its young Joey at the age of around 8 to 10 months. This picture belongs to 

However, the mother koala does its best to make the baby koala Joey to learn its environment that is present within its surroundings so that whenever, it leaves the young koala Joey, the Joey still be able to survive the environment in which it has been living in. It is very rare that sometimes, the mother koalas leave their young koala joeys at the age of around 7 months or 6 months. But this rarely happens and happens during the times of tough conditions, e.g., predators’ presence and natural disasters etc. are the key reasons that prompt this action from the mother Koala to leave its young koala Joey. Mother Koala does its best to teach everything to the young Koala Joey about living a successful life.

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Mother Koala teaches Koala Joey.
Mother Koala is primarily responsible for teaching koala joey about the whole environment in which it has to live. This picture belongs to 

Usually a mother Koala leaves and says goodbye to its young Koala Joey, when it is just away busy with eating or sleeping somewhere on the tree and not within the pouch of its mother. Upon knowing that its mother is not present around the young koala Joey initially squeaks to call her to come near and eventually starts screaming, for not finding its mother’s any clue. It is also specifically noted that whenever the Koala’s mothers leave them they urinate a lot because of confusion and frustration but they eventually gets used with the environment and starts living on its own.

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A lonely Koala Joey without its mother.
Picture of a Lonely Koala Joey without its mother. A lonely koala joey without its mother shows a huge discomfort. This picture belongs to 

Abandoning their young ones is very common among many other mammals as well, therefore, koalas' this behavior correlates with many other mammals within the wild. However, in some mammals, who prefer to live within the groups or prides, they do not prefer to isolate or abandon their young ones.

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Mother Koala Abandons its Koala Joey.
Picture of a female Koala and its young koala joey. Abandoning their young ones is very natural within the wild koalas. This picture belongs to