Koalas and their Immediate Predators

Unfortunately, Koalas have many immediate predators as well. Therefore, they have to live cautiously. Since they sleep a lot, and they are unaware of their surrounding environment. In such a case, Koalas are very easy meals for different predators who love to live on the flesh of other animals. Koalas usually sleep on the trees, which mostly help them to be protected against the ground predators but the threat still lies from the aerial predator as well the likes of which include flying birds and tree climbing lizards etc. Koalas lack strength, therefore, once caught they always become an easy meal and escape become very difficult for them.

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Koalas have ground predators.
Ground Predators offer a major life threat to Koalas. This Picture belongs to 

Dingoes which are very common in Australia are always a threat for the migrating Koalas. They can easily spot Koalas and whenever, the new and young koalas are on the move to find new territories, they become the victims of the Dingoes. Dingoes become no longer a threat for the Koalas when they are on the trees. Moreover, from the ground sector, it is also very common that Goannas are also a bigger threat for the Koalas. However, the threat for the Goannas is relatively lower at the grounds.

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Smaller Koalas aerial predators' threat.
Smaller Koalas are always threatened by the aerial predators. This picture belongs to 

When the Koalas are on the trees, at this situation, the biggest threat comes from Eagles. Any small and young koala especially many females become the victim of the Eagles. Wedged Tail Eagles which are very huge in size are very common in Australia and make a nice meal out of Koalas. On the other hand, many huge sized owls are a big threat for the Koalas at nights, But the threat from owls is relatively lower and usually the small sized and young koalas become their immediate victims.

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Owls are Koalas' predators.
Owls are a big threat for the Koalas at nights but only the smaller koalas become meals of the owls or falcons. This Picture belongs to 

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Dingoes as Koala Predators.
Dingoes are also regarded as one of the biggest predators of the Koalas. No matter how bigger the Koala is, once it is under the grip of the Dingoes' cartel, there is almost a zero escape for the Koala on the ground. This picture belongs to