Average Weights of Male Koalas

Male Koalas are huge in size and weights. Usually on the average a male Koala weighs around 9 to 12 Kilograms. But this is a minimum weight of the male Koala. This minimum weight of the Koala belongs to the Koalas that live in Queensland. A Male Koala living at Australia’s Victorian territory will have a weight of around 15 to 18 kilograms as well. Actually it is this breed of male Koalas that are considered as the biggest tree climbing mammal across the continent of Australia. This bigger size of the male Koalas help them to maintain their territories and show their dominance over the female Koalas.

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Male Koalas are bigger in terms of their sizes.
Male Koalas are bigger in sizes as compared to the female Koalas. This picture belongs to 

A Male Koala that lives across Queensland has an average weight of around 10 Kilograms. At maximum they can get around 12 Kilograms but that is very rare. On the other hand usually and normally a male Koala from Queensland gains a weight of around 8 to 9 Kilograms on average. In some cases, the Male Koalas were from Queensland were also found to be almost equal to 5 Kilograms as well. Such males were usually less dominant and were more likely to live a highly solitary life with a very less chances of mating with other females.

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Male Koalas usually weigh around 18 Kilograms.
Male Koalas usually weigh around 18 kilograms at maximum. Victorian Koalas usually belong to this weight category. This picture belongs to 

Gaining weight is very important for the female Koalas, because it helps them to fend off any unnecessary predators, and also allows them to have a control over the territory. A Koala that has more weight also tends to have more chances of mating and spread their genes to the next generation. On the other hand the male Koalas who weigh less are also prone to the risk of the air predators as well such as Eagles and other birds of prey. Even though the Koalas are highly solitary, a male Koala with less weight is prone to remain more solitary with a very minimum chance of interaction with the female Koalas. In many cases the smaller male Koalas also tend to lose their territories as well to other stronger male Koalas who weigh almost double than them. Therefore, for male Koalas it is a matter of survival and future existence to gain more weight.

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Bigger Male Koalas ensure their survival in the wild.
A Bigger Male Koala Always Ensures its Survival, as the bigger size, helps the male Koalas to tackle and avoid any attack of the predator. This picture belongs to