Koalas and their Sense of Smell

Koalas have very powerful sense of smell. Unlike other mammals, Koalas outclass them in terms of their abilities to smell their food. Many other herbivores have either mediocre or poor sense of smell. But Koalas have highly specialized sense of smell which not only helps them to distinguish their food but even their whole survival also depends upon their sense of smell as well. Koalas other sense of taste, sight, hearing etc. is not that much advanced. Possibly because of their weaker and smaller brain, but their only sense which is powerful enough is their sense of smell. Moreover, Koalas utilize their sense of smell to the maximum extent. It wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that Koalas core survival typically depends upon on their sense of smell.

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Koalas have strong sense of smell.
Koalas have very strong Sense of smell. Their other senses might not be that much sharp, but their sense of smell is the sharpest of all. This picture belongs to 

Koalas’ sense of smell is so much strong enough that Koalas can track out the Eucalyptus forests miles away. Therefore, during the turbulent times, when one forest of the Eucalyptus trees is destroyed, Koalas do have the core abilities to decide their future food sources accurately. Moreover, Koalas can specifically distinguish between the fresh leaves and rotten leaves as well. Koalas usually prefer to eat fresh leaves, because they carry more nutrition and they are good for their survival and nutritional requirements. Koalas achieve all this through a very active sense of smell. This also gives a real proof that Koalas sense of smell plays a fundamental role for their survival as well.

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Koalas' locate food through their sense of smell.
Koalas' sense of smell specifically allows them to smell Eucalyptus leaves and forests miles away. This picture Belongs to 

Through their sense of smell Koalas can also manage to determine the worth of the leaves and their nutrition on a particular tree as well. Therefore, Koalas always make a very good decision when it comes to choosing a tree. They only choose a tree that has good and fresh leaves of Eucalyptus, thereby ensuring their nutritional value for the future as well. This way, they also secure their future survival as well, as Eucalyptus leaves are the only source of food that is core to the Koalas’ survival.

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Koalas successfully find nutrition with the help of their strong sense of smell. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that Koalas possess a very active sense of smell, which helps them to identify the leaves quality and also they can select the trees from the strategic food availability as well. For Koalas this is all done with the help of very good sense of smell.

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Koalas can determine fresh Eucalyptus leaves.
Koalas do have a strong capability to determine the fresh Eucalyptus leaves from the Trees. This picture belongs to