Why Koalas drink little or no Water?

Normally Koalas do not drink water. They are not bound to go near the water ponds, pools or rivers, where the predators could ambush them. Rather Koalas fulfill their requirements from their food intake e.g., through the eucalyptus leaves which comprise of more than 55% of water. The name of the Koala also means no water, which is specifically referred to this animal on the basis of the core fact that this animal does not drink water at all.

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Koalas' water Requirements.
Koalas' do not have huge water requirements. In fact they were hardly spotted drinking water. They fulfill their water requirements through regular plantation. This picture belongs to 

But many other antelopes also take green leaves that might have more than 70% of the water composition. This prompts to the second reason that why Koalas do not take water, is because they do not move much. Since they do not move much and stay still, therefore, very little amount of water is being wasted through their bodies. On the other hand in the case of antelopes, they keep on moving, the water excretes from their bodies through perspiration. As a result of that they have to constantly maintain their water levels. Koalas do not face such kinds of dilemmas in their lives. They are slow movers, and sleep 20 hours sleeping. This means fewer calories are being burnt within the bodies of Koalas, and as a result of that they do not drink water at all.

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Koalas Fulfill their water requirements through Eucalyptus leaves.
Koalas fulfill their water Requirements through Eucalyptus Leaves. Eucalyptus leaves have 55% water contents within them. This picture belongs to 

On the other hand, there are some occasions, when Koalas have to drink water to fulfill their water requirements. For example Droughts and bush fires, when there is either no leaves or leaves get burnt out and they are not fit for eating. In such cases many Koalas have been spotted near ponds for water, and even in some cases they have been spotted near the swimming pools as well to fulfill their water requirements. Remember Australia is the driest continent on earth and there might always be the chances of droughts and Eucalyptus forests being damaged. Therefore, as a result of that, the Koalas will have to search water from other sources.

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Koalas rarely drink water.
Koalas rarely drink water. In extreme conditions they may be found near the ponds or swimming pools, but that could be very very rare. This picture belongs to 

Remember water is a core component for the living beings. They always need water. The same is true about the Koalas as well. They need water but they fulfill their water requirements through the food they eat which is Eucalyptus leaves.

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Water as basic necessity for Koalas.
Water is the basic necessity for the Koalas. If Koalas do not drink water, it does not mean that it is not its basic necessity, but rather Koalas fulfill it from other sources e.g., its own food which includes Eucalyptus leaves. This Picture belongs to