Average Ages of the Female Koalas

According to the findings of many observers and researchers, the average age of the female koalas came out to be around 16 to 17 years. This is a huge age for a female Koala and an animal for this size. Female Koalas also live longer and more than the male koalas who just live for 10 to 12 years. It is still a mystery that why female koalas manage to live longer than the male koalas when their diet and lifestyle is almost the same throughout their lives?

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Female Koala 17 years.
An Average Age of the Female Koala is around 16 to 17 years. However, some female Koalas live about 20 years as well. This Picture belongs to 

At maximum female koalas are known to live for even more than 20 years. One Koala from the Victorian territory lived for about 23 years, while another observed Koala lived for exactly 20 years which was also from Victorian ranges as well.

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Female Koalas live longer than male Koalas.
On Average a female Koala lives longer than a male Koala. Usually the male Koalas die at the age of 12 years or so. However, female Koalas have been known to live longer than 20 years as well. This picture belongs to 

Remember very interesting thing to note here is this that the female Koalas eat more than the male Koalas. They feed and care the young ones, and go through difficult periods of time, as compared to the male Koalas. Being smaller in size, maybe a benefit for the female Koalas for increase in their age, but this factor is not verified yet.

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The lifestyle of the female Koalas, help them to have a more stable numbers of years being added to their lives, as compared to the male Koalas.