Koalas and their Social Behavior

Koalas do possess a certain degree of unique social behavior. Many researchers and observers have concluded and identified different kinds of social behaviors of the Koalas which are unique and sometimes common with many other animals as well. However, the strangest behavior of the Koalas is their eating behavior, which is consumption of Eucalyptus leaves in large quantities. Not many mammals dare to eat Eucalyptus leaves as Koalas do and they survive on it all their lives, which is one of the highly strangest behaviors of the Koalas.

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Koalas' eating behavior is unique.
Koala only Eats Eucalyptus Leaves. Koalas possess a real unique eating behavior. This Picture belongs to  

The possession of vocalization is another form of Koalas behavioral attribute. Vocalization is very common within the male Koalas, while it is also common within the female Koalas as well. Usually male Koalas have loud grunts to indicate their dominance and presence within their territories. Female Koalas use vocalization for an internal communication which is very rare perhaps only limited to their babies.

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Koalas' Social Behavior.
Koalas' Social Behavior is highly unique as compared to the rest of the marsupial and arboreal animals. This Picture is specifically used with the permission of its owner  

Scent marking is also very common within Koalas, especially the male Koalas. Scent marking allows the male Koalas to actually indicate their dominance within the territory and indicate an alarm to any new intruder koalas within their territories. Scent marking is also common within the female Koalas as well, and they do it for the same purpose of territory marking.

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Koalas' Scent Marking Behavior.
Koalas' Scent marking behavior is rather similar with other male Mammals as well. Just like many other males, scent making within koalas always serve as marking and territory ownership etc. This Picture is specifically displayed with the permission of its owner 

Female also use scent marking for the purpose of mating and reproduction as well. Male quickly pick up the scent of the female Koalas which are in heat, and they quickly intrude the territory of that female Koala to have mating with it. Female Koalas are also good maternal mothers as well and they feed their young ones for about maximum 1 year, while normally 9 months inside their pouch. A female mother koala is a very loving mother; however, after 1 year it becomes highly aggressive with its babies, who have to leave their mother to start a life of their own.

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Koalas behavioral lifestyle.
Koalas Lifestyle typically represents their Behavior. This Picture belongs to 

Koalas are usually solitary animals, and they live alone throughout their lives. They do not prefer to live as a family. Therefore, you will never see a Koala pride in the wild and within Australia forests. However, you might see Koalas' pride at animal sanctuaries, as they are forced to live as groups.

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Koalas have solitary behavior.
Koalas possess a highly solitary behavior. They live alone throughout their lives. A mother Koala Joey leaves its mother at the age of 11 to 13 months. This picture specifically belongs to