Playful Behavior of the Young Koala Joeys

Young Koalas Joeys are reasonably highly playful unlike many thoughts suggesting that marsupials are not playful a lot and do not possess any playful behavior. However, young Koala Joeys possess all attributes of playfulness. They fully get excited and live a very happy life with their mothers inside their pouches as well as outside their pouches while mounting on the back of their mothers and also through tree branches as well. Researchers and observers have verified different kinds of playful behaviors pertaining to Koalas which are further illustrated within the upcoming paragraphs.

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Koala Joeys are playful.
Koala Joeys are very playful with their mothers. They come out of their mothers' pouch after 6 months, and show a highly playful behavior. This picture belongs to 

According to some observers, they spotted young koala joeys to be highly playful while doing an act of fighting with their mothers. Usually this is not aggressive, and they intentionally do it with their mothers. The young Koala Joeys enjoy a small wrestling, just like the same way the human kids sometimes do it with their fathers.

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Koala Joeys fight with mothers.
Koala Joeys fight with their mothers as well. But this fight has more to do with love rather than being aggressive. This picture belongs to 

Sometimes many koala joeys were also being observed playing with their mothers by making strange movements of their bodies. These movements are not natural to the Koalas, but because of higher excitement, they create such kind of unusual movements, which be best explained always by watching them. Strange movements of the hands, nose and even legs are some of the common examples in this regard.

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Koala Joeys' Playful movements.
Koala Joey also exhibits different playful movements while playing with its mother. This picture belongs to 

Koalas also make small bites and nibbling to their mothers as well. This nibbling is not that much sharp or heavy that it creates wounds on the Koala mothers, but it is reasonably good enough to trigger a playful behavior for the young koala Joeys. It is very common within the marsupial animals that they lack playful acts; however, koalas have proved all such evaluations as totally wrong.

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Koala Joey mounting at her mother's back.
Picture of a Koala Joey mounting at back of its mother. This picture belongs to