Sizes of Koalas from Australia's Victorian Origin

Koalas living within Australia’s Victorian territory weigh around 13 to 14 Kilograms. When we talk about Victorian Koalas from Australia, we are talking about the biggest size of the Koalas that exists on the planet earth. 14 Kilograms is just their average weight and there has been the witnessed data of some Koalas from that region being able to grow around 18 Kilograms as well. These Koalas are astonishing creatures and they have developed this huge size on the basis of variety of environmental and ecological factors.

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Victorian Koalas are huge in size.
Picture of a Big Victorian Koalas. Australia's Victorian Koalas are usually huge than the Koalas from Queensland. This photo belongs to  

Australia’s Victorian territory is surrounded with dense green areas. Within these green areas, Koalas’ food is available in a huge abundance. This is one of the sole reasons that these creatures specifically manage to penetrate into this habitat despite the presence of various predators Koalas have maintained their existence within the area. Since this area is rather colder, the Koalas in this region have developed a thick fur coating and their fur is usually dark brown. Therefore, the Koalas belonging to the Australia’s Victorian territory are also well equipped with dark brown fur as well.

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Victorian Koalas weigh around 18 Kilograms
Victorian Koalas usually weigh around 18 Kilograms. Victorian Koalas are the largest species of the Koalas found on Earth. This picture belongs to  

Again we shall specifically notice that the habitat and the geographical area of the Koalas making a key impact on their physical appearance. This appearance has not only allowed the Koalas to gain more size and weight but it also allowed Koalas to even change their fur coloring as well. Moreover, their fur is rather thick, which is always helpful for them to have a strong resistance against the colder weather. Therefore, the Koalas from Australia’s Victorian territory have well evolved according to their ecological and environmental factors.

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Victorian Koalas Enjoy Healthy Habitat.
Victorian Koalas enjoys healthy habitat and this is the core reason that their sizes are usually bigger than the rest of the Koala species. This Picture belongs to 

Therefore, the Victorian Koalas are bigger in size as compared to the Koalas from the Queensland. Both of these Koalas show variance in terms of their skin coloring as well. Victorian Koalas are also thicker in terms of their fur, while the Koalas from Queensland have a rather thin furn. The environment and ecology have both played a significant role to cause this variance of size and coloring of the Koalas.

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Victorian Koalas have thicker fur
Victorian Koalas have thicker fur, which may also be responsible for their heavier weight. Moreover, this thicker fur specifically help the Victorian Koalas against any extremities of the weathers. This Picture belongs to