At Birth the Baby Koala Joey Travels from Cloaca into their Mother's Pouch

As soon as the Baby Koala Joey is born, it just quickly has to travel and move into its mother’s pouch. This traveling starts from its mother’s Cloaca towards the pouch of its mother. At the time of birth the Koala’s Joey has slightly and reasonably developed small limbs. These limbs help the Koala Joey to grab and move towards the pouch.

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A Koala Joey at birth travels inside her mothers' pouch.
A Koala Joey at birth quickly travels inside the pouch of its mother. It is really a fascinating phenomenon as 1 gram Koala joey manages to make a travel inside the pouch of its mother. This Picture belongs to 

Usually after the birth, within 10 to 15 minutes, the Koala Joey is already present within the pouch of its mother. The baby is under-developed at that time, but its limbs are reasonably developed which help the Koala Joey to make a move. It does not even possess visible eyes at that time as well.

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Koala Joeys Travel within 15 minutes of their birth.
Koala Joeys travel within 15 minutes after their birth. They travel straight inside the pouch of their mother. This picture belongs to  

It is a very important question in this regard that how the Koala Joey does knows that it has to move directly into the pouch rather than going anywhere else? It could fall down as well. The core reasoning behind this includes a very well developed sense of smell among the Koalas right from their birth. Whenever, the Koala Joey is born, it knows exactly even at that time, that where the pouch of its mother is and it smells the milk fragrance of its mother.

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Koala Joey's sense of Smell is strong.
Koala Joeys have very strong Sense of smell, and it helps them to travel straight into the pouch of their mothers when they are born. This Picture belongs to