Koalas Resting and Sleeping Postures and Positions during the Hot Summer Seasons

Koalas possess unique resting and sleeping positions and postures for the hot summer seasons. Moreover, koalas’ these positions and postures vary for both summers and winters. But as compared to many arboreal (tree climbing) animals in Australia and around the world, Koalas do enjoy variety of sleeping and resting postures. During the hot summer seasons there are three core postures of the Koalas that have been specifically identified.

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Koalas have unique sleeping posture.
Koalas do have a unique sleeping posture. But such a sleeping posture is always dependent upon the weather conditions. This picture belongs to 

First of all is the reclining posture of the Koalas during the hot summer seasons. In this posture a Koala’s stomach is turned around 90 degree angle against the tree. In other words a koala is in a lying position but and its head is parallel to the earth. The koalas are lying over the tree branch which is always a fork shaped.

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Koalas unique sleeping positions.
Koalas have unique sleeping position which is highly strategic indeed. Such sleeping positions always help koalas to preserve their energy levels. This picture belongs to 

In the second posture and the position in which Koalas are specifically spotted during the hot summers was lying on the tree while stomach facing the branch part of the tree. Just like an inverted position of a person lying on a tree. In the third position, a koala was spotted having its back towards the tree branches while its face angling towards the sky. All of these positions allow the Koalas to conserve heat during the summer seasons.

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Koalas sleeping posture during summer.
Koalas' during the summer season sleep with their bellies facing the tree or sky. This picture belongs to  

In the summer seasons when the air is too much fast, Koalas are also spotted to move downwards as well. In the case of extreme summers and droughts, Koalas have also been spotted at day time on the grounds under the shades of the Eucalyptus leaves.

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Koalas sleep on ground during extreme summers.
During the Extreme Summer conditions Koalas have also been spotted to be sleeping on the grounds under the shades of the trees. This picture specifically belongs to