Koalas Prefer Big Eucalyptus Trees and Love to Stay at Trees' Tops.

Koalas always prefer big Eucalyptus trees. This shows that Koalas are very selective in terms of their habit for the tree selection. Moreover, they prefer to stay at the top branches of the Eucalyptus trees. This also allows them to have a greater love for staying at the top of the Eucalyptus trees and Koalas love that zone. There can be many reasons for the Koalas to select a big tree and staying at the top of it. Let’s evaluate different scenarios which prompt the Koalas to stay at the trees top and select a bigger tree.

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Koalas prefer Eucalyptus Tress.
Koalas Always Prefer Eucalyptus Trees. Eucalyptus leaves serve as the core Koala Food. This picture belongs to  

Koalas prefer big trees because the bigger the tree will be the stronger will be its branches. As a result of that the Koalas will hold on to the tree branches more firmly and will have little or no threats of falling down the trees. Moreover, bigger leaves also ensure the huge availability of the Eucalyptus leaves as well for the Koalas. Therefore, as a result of that Koalas select huge trees which always ensure more leaves. Koalas require more and more leaves to eat because their leaves have very little nutrition and in some leaves, the nutritional value is almost zero.

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Koalas Prefer Big Trees
Koalas always prefer big trees, which have abundance availability of Eucalyptus leaves. This picture belongs to 

As a result of that Koalas, prefer to go to the top branches of the tree. Top branches of the trees also ensure the availability of the fresh Eucalyptus leaves. Fresh Eucalyptus leaves have greater availability of nitrogen levels, nutritional levels, which always ensure the energy levels and nutrients fulfillment of the Koalas. Therefore, as a result of that Koalas do feel very happy staying at the top of the trees. Staying at the top of the tree is safer for the Koalas as well, because it will allow them to be safe from any sudden attack or ambush attack from the predators such as Dingoes. However, at the top of the tree, Koalas do become vulnerable to be attacked by the Eagles. Only small Koalas at the top are usually vulnerable to the Eagles.

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Koalas prefer Trees' top.
Koalas prefer to stay at Trees' Top. The top of the tree offers fresh leaves for the Koalas thereby, ensuring a continuous supply of energy for the Koalas. This Picture belongs to