Koalas have Unusually Smaller Brain

As compared to other mammals, Koalas brain’s size is unusually smaller. Brain is an important organ for the Koalas, and smaller brain will also mean less intellectual ability of the Koalas. But Koalas have to maintain a smaller brain at all costs. First reason is that their nutritional extraction is very low from the food which they eat. Brain requires a lot of energy; therefore, a smaller brain will mean that it will consume lesser energy. On the other hand, the slower metabolism of the Koalas also prompts the brain of the Koalas to be relatively smaller in the size as well.

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Koalas have a smaller brain.
Koalas have a smaller brain. A smaller brain of Koala also means that it has limited intellectual scope to understand its environment. This picture belongs to  

Brain and lever are the two vital organs of the Koalas. They still consume the maximum energy from the food which the Koalas eat but slower metabolism helps the Koalas to steadily maintain the power of the brain and the lever. On the other hand, a smaller brain also means that the less energy can be consumed and will be required; therefore, this smaller brain perfectly fits with the needs and requirements of the Koalas. Koalas’ food carries little nutrition; therefore, a smaller brain is beneficial in this regard.

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Koalas smaller brain slows Koalas' metabolism rate.
A smaller brain of the Koala will also mean that a Koala will have a slower metabolism as well. This picture belongs to  

Since Koalas have smaller brain, this prompts further questions that whether Koalas are intellectually stronger enough? These are the key questions that immediately require answer from the researchers and observers, as the smaller brain will also mean that Koalas will also be dumb in terms of their options and selection. Therefore, it can be concluded that Koalas’ brain is smaller but this smaller brain is for the core benefit of the Koalas.

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Koalas brain has limited capabilities.
Koalas have unusually smaller brains, this also prompts key questions about the capability of their brains. Usually Koalas have limited brain capability and they are not considered as smart creatures. This picture belongs to