Behavior of the young and adolescent Koala Joey

Whenever, the koala joeys reaches its adolescence age and becomes young, it starts showing several different kinds of behaviors. It starts leaving its mother’s pouch and tries to climb the tree. The adolescent young koalas move away from its mother and if its mother is away, it starts squeaking and screaming. These are different kinds of behaviors which a young adolescent Koala possesses during one of its last times with its mother after which their mothers leave them once it forever. Their mothers have to leave them because Koalas are solitary animals, and they will have to live on their own throughout their lives.

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Behavior of koala Joeys.
Koala Joeys exhibit a certain behavior during their times of being infants and adolescents. This picture belongs to  

At the age of around 9 to 10 months, the adolescent Koala joeys start coming out of the pouches of their mother Koalas. This is the core time, when they ponder and explore the environment that exists within their surroundings. They try to mimic their mothers as well as try to learn the possible identification of the predators. They explore the eucalyptus trees and start climbing it.

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Koala Joey Outside its mother's Pouch.
Picture of a Koala Joey outside its mother's pouch. This picture belongs to 

Initially they make few failed attempts of climbing the trees, but their stronger claws with razor sharp nails help them to maintain a grip and after a while, they learn quickly how to climb the trees and how to hide from any dangers. In another behavior of the adolescent koala it was specifically noted that during the times of dangers and whenever, the adolescent Koala felt as being away, they started to make loud squeaks and screams.

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Koala Joey climbing a tree.
Picture of a Koala Joey climbing a tree. This picture belongs to  

A very important behavior within the lives of the adolescent koalas is when their mothers decide them to leave once it forever. At this time, a young koala feels very disturbed for a while; it makes a lot of screams and squeaks, however, after this it just gets used up with the environment surrounding it. It is very important that during these behaviors they learn a good account of their environment that is present around them, so that during the time of loneliness and starting a solitary life they know exactly what to do next. Such behaviors will also allow the adolescent koala joeys to strategically plan their life as well for the future purposes.

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A Lonely Koala Joey.
Picture of a lonely Koala Joey. A Lonely Koala joey that is abandoned by its mother shows a very high degree of discomfort. This picture belongs to