How Long the Koalas have been living the Earth? Koalas' Origin

Koalas have been living on earth for a very long time ago. This long time is not limited to 100 years, thousand years, hundred thousand etc. but rather Koalas have been living on earth for millions of years. Historical evidence suggests that many ancestors of Koala family arrived at Australian Island around 50 million years ago. And about 30 million years ago, there is rather firm evidence from researchers and from the forensic & Relic experts that Koalas were having a classified existence at the continent of Australia. So it does mean that Koalas existed on earth before even 50 million years ago. But it wouldn’t be wrong to expect that and as a result of such arguments, Koalas’ life and existence on earth could be beyond 50 million years ago.

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Koalas have been living for millions of years.
Koalas have been living on earth for millions of years. Even 50 million years ago, they had their dominant existence on earth. This picture belongs to 

The forensic evidence suggests that marsupials arrived at Australian continent some 50 million years ago. Within these marsupials, Kangaroos, Opossum and Koalas were present and it is thoroughly believed that Koalas had their existence on Antarctica, because this is where these animals had arrived and reached the continent of Australia. One would certainly imagine that Antarctica is so much frost, and what Marsupials have to do with it? The answer carries another history and another twist for the origin of the Koalas.

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Koalas arrived at the continent of Australia about 50 million years ago.
Koalas arrived at the Continent of Australia for about 50 million years ago from the Continent of Antarctica. This Picture belongs to 

Antarctica was not frosty like it has been today. There were origins of life at the continent of Antarctica and it had a green normal life before. But this was all happening millions of years ago. And at some time in history it happened that Antarctica and South America separated from one another and as a result of that the warm ocean’s water was blocked reaching the continent of Antarctica. As are result of that, the continent started to become colder and colder and it was not suitable for the species to live and this is the core reasons that many species shifted to Australian continent.

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Koalas lived at Anatarctica before Australia about 50 million years ago.
Before coming to Australia, Koalas frequently lived throughout the continent of Antarctica. This picture belongs to 

Therefore, Koalas might have a historical life on earth way beyond 50 million years ago. And koalas might well would have been living and thriving at the Antarctica and this could well be its origin as well. Finally, we are talking about an animal that belongs to Antarctica, shifted for its survival to Australia and has been living there for more than 50 million years ago.

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Koalas have an historical existence at Planet Earth.
Picture of a young Koala Joey at a Zoo in United States. Koalas did have a historical existence throughout the ages at planet earth, that goes beyond 50 million years ago. This picture belongs to