Koalas are the largest tree climbing Mammals in Australia - Koalas as Arboreal

Koalas are generally considered as the biggest and the largest tree climbing mammals in Australia. However, this doesn’t mean that Koalas are very huge in size. They have a very moderate size and because of the different nature of animals of Australia, Koalas hold one of the biggest appearances when it comes to the category of the animals belonging to the tree climbing. Usually the Tree climbing animals are referred to as Arboreal. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest Koalas as the biggest Arboreal within the continent of Australia. All the rest of the tree climbing animals are smaller than Koalas, some being very small and some almost marginally smaller.

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A Koala Climbing a tree.
Picture of a Koala climbing a tree at an animal sanctuary in Australia. This picture specifically belongs to 

The tree climbing mammals which are marginally smaller than Koalas are the Tree Kangaroos. Tree Kangaroos also belong to a far family of Koalas, but they are very distinctive and different from actual Kangaroos as well as the Koalas. However, on some occasions a single Koala might be smaller than a tree kangaroo, but that might depend upon the age and the type of the Koalas. For example there is a size difference in between the Koalas living in Queensland and the Koalas living in Australia’s Victorian territory. Moreover, gender can also be a big factor. Male Koalas are significantly bigger as compared to the female Koalas. But it can be safely concluded that at same age, same gender, when Koala will be compared with any other tree climbing animal from Australia, Koala will always be the biggest one within Australia.

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Koalas as largest arboreal
Koalas are also considered as the largest arboreal at the continent of Australia. This Picture Belongs to  

Opossum are also other arboreal but they are significantly smaller than the Koalas. Opossum also have pouches just like tree kangaroos and Koalas, but they are very small. Therefore, Koalas are also bigger in size as compared with the Opossum. With all of these core comparisons, it can be specifically concluded that Koalas are undoubtedly one of the biggest tree climbing mammals or arboreal belonging to the continent of Australia.

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Koalas are larger and bigger than Opossums and Tree Kangaroos.
Koalas are also bigger and larger in size than the tree kangaroos and opossums. This picture belongs to  

The conclusion and the results of the study definitely gives an upper hand to the Koalas in terms of their size, but if an individual looks at the food which Koalas eat, they would be highly amazed and surprised. The Koala’s foods is full of toxins and contain very minute degree of nutrition, yet still this animal rules as the king in terms of its size among the tree climbing mammals at the continent of Australia.

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Koalas are huge-sized tree climbers across Australia.
Koalas are huge sized tree climbers, and presumably the biggest tree climbing animals across the continent of Australia. This Picture belongs to 

The last thing which is very important to note here about the Koalas as the biggest tree climbing mammals, is that people are not aware of such facts of the Koalas. In Australia there is a reasonable chance that people might have a certain degree of awareness about Koalas, but in the rest of the world, people would hardly aware of the fact that what is the biggest tree climbing mammal across the continent of Australia.

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Koalas are largest tree climbing mammals across the continent of Australia.
Picture of a Koala in the wild of Australia's Queensland Territory. Koalas are specifically considered as the largest tree climbing mammals across the continent of Australia. This Picture specifically belongs to