How long does Koalas live? Age of the Koala

Koalas do live a reasonably long life of around 12 years to 16 years. In fact female Koalas live longer than the male Koalas and live for 16 years or more. On the other hand, male koalas usually die at the age of around 16, which is 4 years more than the average age of the male koalas.

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Average Age of the Koala.
The Average age for the Koala is around 12 to 16 Years. However, some Koalas live longer than this time period as well. This Picture belongs to 

For Koalas living for almost 12 to 16 years is almost normal as compare to many other mammals. For example monkeys live for this age as well as many other animals such as baboons, tigers, lions and even dogs as well. Therefore, this average age of the koalas coincide with the average ages of many other mammals as well.

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Koalas live for 12 to 16 years.
Koalas live a reasonable age as the time span of 12 to 16 years is very common among many other mammals as well e.g., monkeys, dogs, kangaroos, lions and tigers etc. This Picture belongs to 

Koalas in Queensland live less as compared to the Koalas within the Victorian territory. The Koalas in Queensland die earlier than their average age, because there is less availability of the food resources for the koalas at that area, while within the Victorian territory, the food availability is higher, and as a result of that the Koalas average age has been greater.

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Victorian Koalas live long
Victorian Koalas' live longer as compared to the Koalas that live at the Queensland territories. However, Queensland Koalas live slightly shorter, only because of the fact that the food availability is relatively less. This Picture belongs to