Koalas are most popular animals in Australia

Koalas are generally considered as one of the most popular animals in Australia. This popularity of the Koalas in Australia is based upon the simplest of the facts that the animal is very marvelous, beautiful cute looking. Even though Koalas donot have too much rich history, the physical beauties of the Koalas have specifically made them highly popular among the people and inhabitants of Australia. Almost all the Australians are aware of the Koalas existence and they associate Koalas as one of the most native animals. It will not be wrong to consider Koalas to be one of the national symbols of Australia along with Kangaroos.

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Koalas are very popular across Australia
Picture of a Koala from Australia. Koalas have huge amount of local fans across Australia. This Picture is a Property of  

Another reason for the Koalas popularity in Australia is because of their living near the habitat of the people. Australia is the only country in the world where 80% to 90% of its population lives near the sea shores. Koalas live in the woods that are closely situated near such sea shores. Therefore, there is always a real chance of interaction in between the Koalas and people. Moreover, the presence of the Koalas within zoos and different kinds of animal sanctuaries is very common practice in Australia. These are some of the core reason that Koalas have gained a considerable popularity and awareness among the people of Australia.

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A Koala at an Australian Zoo
Picture of a Koala at an Australian Animal Sanctuary. Australian Zoos and animal Sanctuaries always include Koalas because of their huge popularity. This Picture Belongs to 

It will never be wrong to associate the Beauty of the Koalas with their popularity in Australia. Koalas are considered as more cute than the teddy bears by majority of the people. Instead many regard them as teddy bears but when separately placed people tend to pick Koalas first. This is the core reason that people fall in love with Koalas at the first sight. These animals are also very shy and they never harm or try to attack humans, therefore, the cuteness and the courtesy of the Koalas have significantly made these beautiful creatures as highly popular among the people living in Australia.

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An Australian Visitor and a Koala Picture.
A Visitor at Australia having a picture shot with a Koala. Koalas are symbol of Australia's brand Ambassadors along with their popularity. This Picture Belongs to 

Koalas are popular among all the age groups. But among the children and kids Koalas are most popular. This fact can be estimated by the fact of availability of the Koala books for the children and kids. These books are full of fantasies about Koalas and further associate children and even their parents with Koalas. Koalas also enjoy protection from the Government legislations in Australia; however, there is still a need of further conservation of the Koalas and their habitat.

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Koala held by an Australian School Kid
An Australian School Kid holding a Koala while working an an Animal Sanctuary. This Picture Belongs to 

Finally, at one end where Koalas who are very famous among the people of Australia, on the other end Koalas are almost obscure to the rest of the world. Many people around the world have never heard or made aware about the Koalas. Moreover, they also do not know about the special characteristics of the Koalas and misunderstand them with some other animal upon being seen. Furthermore, in the third world countries where the knowledge is always lacking, Koalas have never been heard and holds a zero percent popularity. It is really strange that the animal which is 100% popular in one continent “Australia” is almost obscure to those areas which have population in Billions, despite at such a time, when the world has surpassed the state of global village.

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Koalas are more popular in Local Australia than Global World.
Locally across Australia Koalas are more popular, while the animal might well be anonymous to majority of population around the globe. This Picture Belongs to